Quick start guide

Get started in < 1 minute!

In less than 1 minute you can create an account and start collecting money.

First, login with your Stripe account, if you don't have one yet, you can create a deferred account in seconds.

Create or login with Stripe

Then you pick your username and set a password

Choose your username

Create your first project

Create your first project

Share that newly created project and get support!

Toss a link to your public project page in your github Readme, or your podcast's show notes, or on your blog etc.

A simple link makes it dead simple for your supporters to support you.

Public project page

Supporters can send you sweet, sweet support.

Look at that sweet support!

When they support you they receive a receipt for their records and details you've added.

Order Receipt

You can now see them as a supporter in your account page and easily look up their unique order id for all sorts of great rewards for them.

Account details page

In less than one minute you can create an account, set up a project and make it easy for people to support you.