Our Share

We too creators, in fact, we are Creators! Creator Love was born out of a passion to help other creators succeed and not bear the entire burden of creating.

When you create a project you are able to choose what percentage of that amount we get as a fee. We feel this is the fairest way to run this, when we help you earn money, we earn money.

This percentage you set is not inclusive of Stripe's transaction fees, this means that what Stripe charges is not included in that percentage you set here.

So if you choose 10% for us, we get 10%. You still will pay Stripe 2.9% (+$0.30)* on top of that.

* Assuming Stripe's base fee schedule.

We do not charge a monthly fee for using the service, we only get paid when you get paid and you get to decide how much!

Really Stuck?

Email: email lee@creatorlove.com
Or text Lee direct at: 250-417-5497.

No calls please, timezones and cell rates can be rough ;)