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Writing code is likely a passion for you, you write code for clients and solve their problems during the day and stay up late (or get up early) to write code for yourself. I'm sure there's a overused superhero cliche that could apply here...

Creator Love makes it easy for the people who benefit from your project to say thanks.

Let's take a look at how Ben Edmunds uses Creator Love on his project Ion Auth

In his project's readme, along with his regular licensing, he has the following section with a link to his Creator Love page.

If you use this to further your career, or put money in your pocket, and would like to support the project please consider supporting it through [Creator Love].

By adding just one line to his readme, he's made it incredibly easy for those who want to support his project (and in this case be rewarded with priority support) to do so.

Check out his Creator Love page

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