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Hey! Can I pick your brain about something?

This subject line appears in my inbox far too often, which I used to think was just clientspeak for "Can I get your help for the price of a cheap lunch rather than your hourly rate", and they thought they we're being clever.

Now, depending on the restaraunt I might be able to eat my hourly rate in food, it's not that likely.

Through the years however, I've learned that people actually do want to pay me for my time, the reason they phrase it like that is that they don't want to feel like they're not being an inconvience, they know I'm busy.

Picking my brain, while often fun for all, takes up my time. While I enjoy the discourse I need to fund further learning to ensure I remain a valuable asset to you and others.

By supporting me through Creator Love you can feel good about using the information garnered from me knowing that I've been fairly compensated for my time.

By giving them the opportunity to compensate me they're able to feel good about the time and information they've consumed and not have to feel like they're a burden.

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