Don't have a Stripe account?

Let's create one for you!

Stripe makes it incredibly easy to create Stripe accounts for you that don’t have to be activated right away. This allows you to accept payments immediately, < 1 minute from now! Seriously.

Important: you will not be able to change your country selection later.

If you don't see your country in this list, you can still use Creator Love, you just have to create an account at first. We're only able to create defered accounts for the countries in this list. Create an account now!

You'll have 3 weeks to activate your Stripe account (they'll email you a link to activate), make sure you activate your account. If you don't they'll refund any money you've received. So make sure you activate your account!

Really Stuck?

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Or text Lee direct at: 250-417-5497.

No calls please, timezones and cell rates can be rough ;)

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