I love your product! It saved me hours! Can I buy you a coffee?

Time and time again we hear of people pleading to send us creators money and frankly, we don't make it easy for them to do so. Asking for money isnt our thing; we create. However, the people who use what we create would love to support us!

Take 2 minutes, create a free account, toss a link up in your project and let those who want to support you do so!

Support, without the hard sell

In less than two minutes you're able to get up and running with a beautiful form that you can link to from your projects.

“If this has saved you time, please consider buying me a latte!”

Reward those who support you

After the supporter pays you're able to provide them with a reward delivered via email. What sorts of rewards can you provide? Well, you could:

  • Offer priority support through a dedicated email for your OS project.
  • Add them to a list of supporters on your site.
  • Send them a sweet article only available to supporters.
  • Provide them access to a course, lesson or secret newsletter.
  • Simply give them a truly heartfelt thank you.

It's entirely up to you, these are just some ideas and you can choose not to send anything either.

Get Started in < 2 minutes


Create a free account!

Click create account via Stripe and we'll create you a CreatorLove account in seconds with your details prefilled with nothing to configure!


Create your first project

Tell the world about your project and how they can help support you. We have set some awesome base text so you don't have to write anything right now to help you get rolling.


Share the url to your project

Throw it on your blog, in your README, link it up in your Podcast's show notes or even your twitter bio. Put it out there and let your supporters support you!

Get the support you need!

By letting your supporters know that you'd love their support, and with it being incredibly easy for them to do so (just a CC needed, no accounts required to send you money) you'll find they're eager to help!

Check out the Quick Start Guide to see how easy it is to get started.

How do I get paid?

When you create an account we connect it to your Stripe account and you get paid directly to your account. Best of all, there's no monthly fees to use this service. Take 2 minutes and put it out there!

How does this differ from other services?

With our approach you're not hard selling anyone, you're putting a link out there for them to support you. Unlike other systems, Creator Love does not force your customer to enter into a monthly subscription, people hate monthly subscriptions.

Get the support you need!